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Introducing Kitl.

The matchmaking platform for flexible professionals and hirers.

We've listened

We are passionate about connecting professionals who want to work flexibly, with businesses who want to hire flexibly.

If you've ever had to look for a job, or hire someone, you know it can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The perfect job fit is hard to find (for both parties) - that elusive blend of the right skills, salary and location, all serendipitously coming together at the right time.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to permanently unlock the talent and job opportunities around you? To be found for your perfect matches, without the hard work? To have a steady job flow coming to you, or be able to tap into a fluid pool of talent to suit your hiring needs, as required? Heck, yeah!

Now more than ever, businesses and professionals want agility and flexibility in the way they work and hire.

It's time for agile, aligned, affordable hiring.

No overheads. No hassles. No headaches. No middle men.

It's time for a totally flexible (and more personal) way of networking and hiring, founded on mutual respect and value for time, money and expertise.

Kitl is a new professional network of talent available for flexible work opportunities with fast growing businesses.

The upside

Hirers Small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs

Data-driven matching means no bias, BS or time wasted
Using over 40 unique data points we match talent to your specific job needs (skill, location, type, experience etc). Dive straight into our talent pool for a matched shortlist of easy to compare profiles - not a mishmash of CVs. Meaning there's no time lost sifting through random applications.

Pay for success, not spam
Preview matched profiles for free, then if you like what you see, unlock to start connecting. Once you are ready to hire, you'll love our 'pay-as-you-go' pricing in line with your pipeline and cashflow. Fast and efficient hiring, no more spammy CVs.

Search local, by skill level or keyword
Our talent is Australian based - local professionals who know your customer, your market and live in your time zone. We've mapped talent by the postcode, giving you the option to hire talent in-house, remote or a combination. Need an expert in a particular tool or platform such as WordPress, Shopify, Mailchimp, Canva, HubSpot, Xero or Salesforce? Search for an expert quickly using our keyword tool.

Freelancer? Or employee?
Don't risk navigating labour-hire alone. Working with Kitl keeps your business compliant in a fast-changing regulatory landscape. Talent are available as contractors through our platform, and we streamline all the job overheads including payroll, taxes, super and insurances.

One portal for streamlined compliant hiring
Hiring through Kitl's portal means we take care of all the job overheads. We automate the job agreement, and weekly timesheets are auto paid online against credit card or direct debit.

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Talent Image

Talent Part-timers, side hustlers, freelancers, consultants

We let you shine
Create a profile that showcases your skills, experience, job history and most importantly your personality and what you bring to a business. Whether you're a graduate, mid-career and looking for better work-life balance, or available for consulting work following a great career - we give you the platform to be found for work that fits.

Work anywhere
Urban, metro, rural, regional. Work productivity isn't just about bums on seats anymore. Hirers are looking further afield for the people they need, so wherever you are, new job opportunities abound.

Build an autonomous career without the overheads
Setting yourself up to work flexibly can be painful - GST, ABN, invoicing, payments etc. We remove these barriers to take care of your payments, super, tax and insurances so you don't have to. Job done.

Network effects
Starting out on your own is hard. How do clients find you? Let us bring new prospects directly to you. Leverage the power of being part of a fast-growing flexible talent community.

"I would recommend Kitl to anyone looking to expand their current business opportunities, for professionals looking for flexible working options, or for businesses looking for talented, experienced and exceptional talent to complement their team."

Rebecca - Copywriter